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About Us

Shanghai Outao Testing and Certification Service Ltd., Co. (Outao International) is authoritative organization and focus on registration counseling, market investigation of Medical Device, Drug, Health Food, Cosmetic, the most largest, one of the most qualified and professional certification counseling organization, has deep professional background on Medical Devices, Drugs, Functional Food, Cosmetics, has extensive client sources and great reputation. Through scientific and strict business operation process, project regulation and custom-focus system, professional engineer whole following-up guidance, we provide comprehensive and high effective service.

Outao Service :

.Domestic/Imported Medical Device, Drug, Heath Food, Cosmetics, Food.

.Administrative Approval of Medical Devices, Drug Health Food, Food, Cosmetics (production Certificate and Business Certificate).

.FDA 510k Registration, QSR 820 Counseling, GMP Counseling, ISO 22716 Counseling, ISO 13485 Counseling.

.Compiling Products Standard of Domestic/Imported Medical Devices, Drug, Health Food, Cosmetics.

.Medical Device CE Certification (MDD/IVDD), Russia Medical Device Registration.

Advantage of Outao :

.Technical Advantage--All engineer have many year certification experience, whole course factory inspection counseling.

.Familiar with certification process, be proficient in certification regulation, provide promptly optimal certification plan according to product characteristics.

.Price Advantage, one-step service, avoid lots of interval section, decrease certification cost.