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Opinions solicited on draft food safety law

   Source��   outao

The Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council on Tuesday began to solicit public opinions on a draft amendment to the food safety law that imposes harsher punishment on violators.

The draft contains changes and additional stipulations that highlight the liability of food companies and local governments, offer innovative supervision methods and strengthen the role of the public in ensuring food safety, among other aspects.

Concerning infant formula, the draft stipulates that manufacturers should report the raw materials, ingredients and labels of their products to food safety administrations, and they are not allowed to contract the production to other people or repackage original products.

According to the draft, fines for severe food safety violations such as use of illegal additives are 15 to 30 times the amount involved in the misconduct, up from the current five to 10 times.

The draft also stipulates that those handed jail terms for food-related violations are no longer allowed to work in the field, while the principals of food risk evaluation institutes should be sacked if their subordinates present false evaluation reports.

The current food safety law has been in place for more than four years after taking effect on June 1, 2009.

The draft is open to public feedback until Nov. 29.