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Imported/Domestic Health Food Registration

Imported (Including HongKong,Macao,Taiwan) Health Food Re-Registration

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Applicant should submit following application documents

1.Imported Health Food Re-Registration Application Form.

2.If foreign manufacturer assign resident office in China to deal with registration, should provide “certificate of registration of resident office of foreign enterprises”copy. If foreign manufacturer assign domestic representative to deal with registration, should provide original notarized authorizing letter and copy of business license of the agent.

3.Approved evidence documents copy (including Health Food approved certificate and its attachment and changing certificate).

4.Production and Quality System certificate conformed to local production and quality regulation issued by manufacturer country or region regulatory office, which should be confirmed by notarization office of manufacturer country (region) and China embassy in manufacturer country (region).

5.Summary of importation to China and marketing in five years.

6.Summary of Feedback of China Customs in five years.

7.Samples of minimum package, labeling and instruction for use of Health Food.

Note 1: Copies of documents above should stamped by certificate owner.

Note 2: If material above cannot be provided, should submit written excuse documents.

More details, see appendix 4 of “Regulation of Health Food registration (Trial)”.